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We are humbled to inform you that our calendar is currently fully booked with ongoing projects, a testament to the loyalty and enthusiasm of our clients. While we are grateful by your interest, we want to ensure that each project receives the care and attention it deserves. At this time, we regret to inform you that we are unable to take on any new full service design projects or clients until January 2025.

Our signature offering, this end-to-end service covers just about everything to create a fully completed, beautiful home – one that is a true reflection of you and how you want to live – executed with impeccable service and expertise.

This is for you if –

You have an idea of what you want your house to look, feel and function like, but don’t know how to pull it all together

You don’t have the time, expertise (or desire!) to undertake a large project on your own

You want something completely unique and tailored to you, for the long-term

You’re happy to outsource the design, sourcing & execution of your project to a professional

You’d like to have input in what you want, but you’re happy to hand over all the heavy lifting, the logistics, and detailed decisions to a professional

What we provide –

A 2-hr consult at our office to refine the style, scope, timeline and budget of your project.

A second meeting to present the fee proposal and style direction. This can be at your home or in our office.

Access to Obsidian Urban Design for the duration of your project as your personal design advisor and project consultant

Design, selection & sourcing and management of your project from start to finish

Coordination of all trades and services, including working on your behalf during the on-site works, and problem-solving any issues for you

Final furniture installation and ‘reveal’ of your finished home

Peace of mind and confidence that your home will be beautiful, functional and feel like “you” – elevated

How it Works

  • 01 Getting to know you

    At the Design Consultation we spend 2hrs at our office getting to know each other and the project requirements. If we’re a good fit, we meet again to present a fee proposal and concept boards to align with your vision.

  • Once we’ve decided to work together, the project begins! We get our ‘A Team’ of trades involved to introduce them to the project and get to work on creating an overall look and feel for your ‘new’ home.

  • We work on all the elements of your project which involved structural works – the kitchen, bathrooms, floor planning and joinery. We have a meeting to present the design and costs.

  • In this second phase of design work, we source and select all the furniture and soft furnishings. We have another meeting to present the design and costs.

  • Where it all starts to take shape! Orders are placed, renovation works begin and we arrange an ‘install Week’ for all the furniture, artwork and accessories.

  • We take care of any little issues, defects and damage, and end the project with all elements fully completed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes we do!

What are the fees?

Interior design fee for full service design is a custom one based on your requirements. Payments are made in the following installments:

  • 1st payment: Design Development fee (30%)
  • 2nd payment: At the presentation of the design (30%)
  • 3rd payment: At the presentation of the documentation (30%)
  • Cost of goods and services paid in full
  • Final payment: Effective completion (10%)

What happens if a meeting is missed?

We understand that changes can happen and if a meeting needs to be changed, give us 48hrs notice and we can rearrange. However, after that we will charge for an hour if the meeting was at our office and 2hrs if the meeting was at site. Cost is Ksh 10,000/hr

What are the project timelines?

The timelines can run between 12 to 18+ weeks from signing of the letter of agreement depending on the scope of works

What happens with a late payment?

A late payment will attract a penalty of 10%

    In a Full Service Design project, we take your vision, dreams and goals for your home, and then do the heavy lifting to bring it all together on your behalf.

    This is a “done for you” service, and your involvement can be minimal if you are happy to hand over the reigns entirely

    If you’re after a service where you’re more involved in the nitty-gritty decision making and are happy to do the work to execute it all, you might be interested in a One-Off Consultation or Virtual Design services.


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